League Questions

When does each league or season starts?
There are leagues every season. Each league starts towards the beginning of the season, i.e., spring league starts in March most years and fall starts in September. Registration will be open about a month before the league starts. Check the League page for current information on upcoming leagues.

Why are league fees so cheap/so expensive?
League fees are set each season by the WAFC officers. The main considerations are insurance and field costs (including how many turf fields we get) which can vary by season. In general, the cost to run the WAFC leagues is rising, but the board tries to keep league fees as low as possible to allow more people to play.

I missed registration for the current league, can I join late?
The short answer is no, long answer is maybe. Occasionally, there is a brief late registration period following the close of a league registration, however, this is entirely up to the league commissioner and sometimes leagues are full. Some leagues may build a wait list too. Do NOT count on being allowed into a league late! If you're looking for a clique team (a pre-formed team) you can join late at the captain's discretion. Note: "ringers" cannot be added to clique teams for the tournament and all players must fill out a waiver before playing, even if they join a team late.

Can you help me find a clique team?
Not really. We have no clue what each team's needs are. You may use the website forums to advertise yourself as looking for a team. Another way to find a team is to go to pickup and talk to people.

Can you help me find players for my clique team?
No, but we generally suggest looking in the forums, or going to pickup and other events to find players.

What are the league rules?
Check the specific league page for details but WAFC's general Ultimate rules are 5-2 gender ratio (5 men and 2 women) and USAU 11th edition (or the current version) rules.

It's raining, are we playing?
Probably not, but you can check the hotline (301-LUV-B-MAX), our Twitter feed (@dcdisc) and the homepage of the website to get the latest update.

Store Questions

Do I need an account to purchase something from the store?
Yes, WAFC requires all store purchases to be associated with a wafc.org account.

I purchased a "thing" (e.g., a disc) and I haven't received it yet. When will I get it?
Probably in a few days or weeks. WAFC volunteers try to compile orders 2 to 3 times per season, however, it may take up to six weeks to get something if you ordered it during a down time. Generally, orders are distributed at the beginning of a league season. Contact the League Commissioner if you're missing something.

I want a disc today, can I get it shipped to me quickly?
No, but you can check at EMS store in Arlington to see if they have any discs (we try to keep them stocked there).

How do I request a refund?
Contact the league/tournament commissioner to request a refund. Generally, refunds are given if you make a mistake and purchase something that you don't want (for example, 20 discs when you meant 2 discs) or when you withdraw from an event prior to the cutoff period. WAFC's refund policy is here. Individual events and products may have specific refund requirements, so pay attention when paying.

WAFC Questions

How old is WAFC?
WAFC was founded around 1982. We're working on writing a longer history that we'll post here when it's done.

Who runs WAFC?
WAFC is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. There are about 15 people on the board of directors, 9 officers involved in the day-to-day monitoring and over 200 people who volunteer each year to help with tournaments, captain teams, get field permits, etc.  Some of these super people have bios on the WAFC Board page.

How do I join the ranks of those awesome volunteers?
GREAT question! Get in touch with us and we will figure out a project for you or a way to make your great idea happen.