The DC Annapolis Beach Ultimate Tournament (DaBUT) is a one-day Ultimate fest on the beach near the Bay Bridge.  We play rain or shine and it can get cold and wet in October, but we'll have a blast anyway!  

Registration opens in August sometime and usually only 12 teams will be chosen from entrants.  Check out the tournament section for the current event information.


Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, MD.  The beach is located on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, approximately 40 minutes from Washington DC. Here's a map!


The primary rule of DaBUT is to HAVE FUN!  These are the general rules we use for each game, but come to DaBUT ready things to change last minute.  The Fall is rarely good for beach ultimate so be ready to just be cold, get sandy, and have fun with your friends. Don't forget to bring your spirit, there may be a spirit award!

Games will start around 10 a.m., with a captains meeting around 9:30 a.m.

4 v 4 (2 men/2 women ratio). There is no limit on team size.

  • Each team will play at least 3 games (scramble format). We generally play 3 random games, reseed, then play 1-2 more games.
  • Time outs and point caps are decided day of.
  • Games start with a player from each team, throwing a disc from one endzone to the other endzone, trying to get it as close to the back line. The team that is closer to the back line wins the choice of sides or possession of disc (this is in lieu of a flip of the disc).
  • Each point is started with a pull of the disc. Pulls must be an inverted throw. Example: hammer, scuber, or etc.
  • If the pull of the disc lands out of bounds, then the brick mark is about 10 yards up from the goal line (field size varies).
  • The stall count is 6 seconds. The marker must be within 3 yards of the thrower to initiate the count. A stall can either be called after the marker says, "5 ...6" or "5 stalling 6". As long as the marker gives the thrower a full second after 5, it is a stall. A fast count goes back 2 seconds.

Part of what makes DaBUT special is that each year, we come up with a goofy rule to add to the mix.  It might involve adding an extra player to the field, new ways of scoring (...on the field), or whatever else we come up with.  These rules are announced at the captains meeting before games start.

In case you need some fun trivia, here are the fun DaBUT rules over the years:

  • Pig noses
  • 2005 - Idols
  • 2006 - Boat racing for 2 points
  • 2007 - Chocolates to add extra player
  • 2008 - Two point cross-gendered scores with lei
  • 2009 - Endzone monster
  • 2010 - Zygote rule
  • 2011 - Noodle rule
  • 2012 - Inner tube rule